S.O.S. Buracos®

Registered trademark service – Provided by Repasfalt ® Ltd. and regional partners under the requalification, repair and preventive maintenance of public and private Spaces under a Franchising systems.

Mobility: ergonomic and decorative flooring – environmental products / biotech – markings (paint road) and electronic markers.


  • Cover holes (buracos), pits and cracks in asphalt pavements: ex: Zwidersea
  • Treatment in asphalt and concrete pavements: “CRACK FILLER” (see product).
  • Expansion jointsrepair, ex: “April 25” bridge (march 2005 under ISQ supervision) which was implemented effectively elastomeric cold patch “UNIMIX”;(see product).
  • Installation of induction electronic markings “SmartStud™” for traffic delineation in tunnels and roads.
  • Installation of photovoltaic power for electronic signs in pedestrian crossings and roundabouts.
  • Horizontal marking tracks in concrete and asphalt with application of color and slip Supercoat “ALMEX.” (see product)
  • Placement of tactile rubber floors in interior and exterior “TGS” (see product).

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